Banksy – the anonymous.


Ein typografisch gestaltetes Buch über die rätselhafte Identität des Streetart-Künstlers Banksy.
Wer steckt hinter diesen Kunstwerken?

Banksy is the pseudonym of an English graffiti artist known for his politically themed and often controversial graffiti.
He is also a popular political activist and film director who despite creating several well-known works of art has managed to conceal his true identity. Banksy was first noticed after spray-painting trains and walls in his home town of Bristol during the early 1990s. Since then his art has been featured on streets, walls and bridges of cities throughout the world, making him a famous international figure. Known for his cheeky, witty, and sometimes hard-hitting works of social and political commentary, he has revolutionised the world of contemporary art.

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