This is a photo diary I created with some moments of the experience in Germany through the eyes of a Spanish girl. The photographs were taken between November 2020 and January 2021, with different cameras and films. Afterwards I worked on creating a video to show the pictures in a more groundbreaking way... The song that is played is "Catalina-Rosalía". She is a Spanish artist, who sings "flamenco", a typical Andalusian music genre with very strongs guitars which mark the rhythm of the song. I like the combination and contrast of a typical Spanish song with the sweet German experience shown in the magazine. It's a nice memory and I enjoyed the process a lot.

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It seems to me a well chosen song that generates a rhythm with which the work flows perfectly and together with the photos generates great richness.

what a great work! I love the way the song fits the video and how you tried to mix you’re experience in Germany with your roots in Spain.

Wow! This is an amazing work of art. The music and the photography combines perfectly, besides the colors and the format are of a great choice!

I love this work. It clearly shows that has been created with love, patience and dedication.
I hope i could buy this magazine somewhere!

Strong work! I love your style of photography and how you put it together in the Magazine! Works so well!

Love the first picture and your mockup is so sick

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