Gegenstände, Farbe


The project wants to spread the alarming issue of light pollution. In the web game you can explore different stages where you will be informed about the issue itself and also about how to solve it. The cool thing: in this sector it is easier than in any other to protect the environment, to save energy and to reduce carbon dioxide without sacrificing comfort. I mean nobody needs active lights while sleeping.

Play the game, tell people about it, maybe get a poster and a sticker.
We can be the change! <3

You can find the link to the game below. Only desktop version! You can't play it on your tablets or phones.
Project Team: Leonie Hartmann, Mai Han, Yu Jiawen

If you are interested in prints go to BERGWERKSHOP, there you can find all the information!

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Ist eine eindrucksvolle, runde Sache geworden! Seit der Konfrontation mit deinem Projekt nehme ich künstliche Beleuchtung tägl. viel intensiver wahr!

Spannende Thematik + richtig stark umgesetzt!

Super wichtiges & cool inszeniertes Projekt! Es scheint fast banal, dass man auf diese Weise Tier- & Umwelt schützen kann.. Chapeau dafür!

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