UI/UX x Packaging design

A project that gets the insights of Eastern and Western cultural differences and similarities, while the products mainly launching in German markets, it is a design that consists of Asian theme but the concept of German culture and using experience.
The idea gave birth to the product that full of the innovation, excitements, tolerances and fusion.

After ordering on the website, you will go to the shop by the time you have previously selected on ordering website. When you are there you will see the name you have given before from the website, your given name is shown on the display screen in front of the shop as soon as it’s ready. On the band you can make sure again the flavour, ice and sugar you have chosen.
What most exciting is, each time you order by FUSION, you always get a new designed illustration on the bottle.

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Congratulations! I think you did a really good job on developing the app prototype. And the illustrations are just lovely! ✨

Wonderful work! The details in your illustration are amazing.

Amazing project!! I’m in love with these illustrations <3

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