Gypsy Moth Project


A documentation about fieldwork in bavarian oak forests to understand the importance of Biodiversity

To understand how the loss of Biodiversity impacts nature and what we can do to protect it, it's important to gain knowledge on one hand and practical experience on the other hand. This documentation shows how a field research in Biology works. The project is about gypsy moth outbreaks in german forests and the use of insecticides against them. Do these outbreaks and the treatment affect other species communities such as nocturnal butterflies, birds or bats? How strong will the impact on the ecosystems and its biodiversity be? And what can we as designers do to give nature a voice?

< Nature and its beauty through a binocular

My field research took three weeks and besides the knowledge and experience I gained, I collected as much material as possible. The documentation will contain photos, videos, sounds, interviews, illustrations and more to show the entire project in detail. The next steps will be to sort all the material and put it together to create a book. It is inspired by the famous Humboldt and Darwin diaries and will be a great mixture of notes and scribbles together with a clear structure of scientific texts, photos and infographics.

Some photos from the fieldwork including insect control through fogging, forest ecology studies, installing light traps for nocturnal insects, nest control of birds and more >

The book will contain a mixture of:

_scans and photos
_notes and scribbles
_collected material
_facts and descriptions
_detailed illustrations
_icons and infographics
_texts and interviews

and more to come!

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