About Self-Love

a photo book of my friend lara

"–Lara, 3 slices of her life" is a project that grew very close to my heart during the process. The photo book shows a handful of snippets from Lara's everyday life, which changes depending on the time of day. Colors play the major role in this project, which partly contributes to the mood of the delightful, sometimes numb or just blurred pictures.

Yellow (1st ep.)
can be associated with her mornings, filled with school, studies and her quality of ambition

Orange (2nd ep.)
can be associated with her afternoons and evenings, completing daily tasks and buying groceries are on her schedule

Red (3rd ep.)
can be associated with her nights, a glimpse of her social life and surroundings, the time filled with thoughts and questions of life without knowing the answer

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oha richtig cool, auch wie du das layout gestaltet hast <3

Gefällt mir 😉

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