nachhaltige, intergeschlechtlich orientierte Kleidung

Moar is a fictional brand with nonfictional goals.
Moar not just produces clothes but empowers people to live more sustainably.
Moar wants clothing to be a body shell again – simple, cozy and long lasting.

Moar is less, less is Moar

Moar dedicates itself to true sustainability.

Moar stands for solidarity, inclusivity and democracy,
regardless of skin color, gender, age, shape or ability.

Moar uses natural plants and spices to dye its fabrics environmentally friendly.

Moar waives unnecessary details such as buttons, zippers, velcro or fake pockets. With less
potential to break, the clothing lasts longer.

Moar focuses on zero waste production. Any unavoidable remaining fabrics are reused, recycled or upcycled.

Moar is easy sewn and uncomplicated to repair.

Moar is less. Less is Moar.

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