Die Leichtigkeit des schnellen Seins

The Gypsy Moth Project

A documentation about fieldwork in Bavarian oak forests with focus on nocturnal butterflies to understand the importance of biodiversity.

This project is about gypsy moth outbreaks in German forests and the use of insecticides against them. Do these outbreaks and the treatment affect other species communities such as nocturnal butterflies, birds or bats? How strong will the impact on the ecosystems and biodiversity be? And what can we as designers do to give nature a voice? To understand how the loss of biodiversity impacts nature and what we can do to protect it, it's important to gain knowledge on one hand and practical experience on the other hand. This documentation will show the results of an interdisciplinary exchange between biologists, entomologists and graphic designers.

< Nature and its beauty through a binocular

It can be very fascinating to see tiny living beings in big size – as big as the impact they may have on the ecosystems >

I used Processing to develop flying and crawling butterflies for projection mapping. They became alive by projecting them onto different surfaces outside >

< These posters compare macro elements with original size silhouettes of the butterflies.

I used Processing again to make them interactive. The idea is to kindly shoo away the flying and crawling butterflies to get to the information level.
Click to see how it works >

I learned how to pin the butterflies we collected for the research study to place them into an insect box >

To give it a digital and modern touch, I used Processing again to create an interactive butterfly box where you can discover the different species with a magnifying glass. Information will pop up by clicking on them >

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