The Protectors


The Protectors

The focal point of the instillation is to showcase the amount of effort and sacrifices that animal rescuers give to protect the wild animals, in addition to appreciate their part in our community and their important impact on society.

Animal Rescuers have remarkable range of courageous and creative human responses towards the animal creators. The core message of this exhibition is refreshingly positive. We as human beings have a moral duty to intervene to prevent and mitigate the suffering of free-living animals.

This installation illustrate the reflection of the animal rescuers mental health, and the Emotional exhaustion that they face, caused by the stress of caring for traumatized or suffering animals, the mental and physical stressors in those environments can be debilitating to the people who work there.

Green notes have some informative facts about the animal welfare organization, achievement, accomplishment to highlight their huge impact on our world for saving millions of animal lives.

Red notes consist a several information that mention the challenges and obstacles the animal rescuers face while doing their work

Some QR were added to the installation to encourage the viewer to be more involved and engaged in the rescuing process and have an insight of it. the viewer can easily scan the codes, and get the chance to help or rescue animals around the world, by donating, helping or even volunteering. to value their work and Say thank you to a shelter worker, volunteer or organization today. Whether that thank you is with a donation, a card, or a meal to the people helping the animals, do your part.

Since the Animal welfare organization has a changeable and unstable working environment, such as fighting operations, natural disasters and other large-scale situations, with constantly facing different situations with new challenges. to clarify this issue at the protectors installation, different measurements were used to align the boarders in different positions as well as scales

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