The unbearable lightness of not being


The unbearable lightness of not being is a book about the correlation between one’s own body and its identity. In these 24 pages I explain my own perception on the topic through a stream of consciousness: starting off by questioning myself where does someone start and where does someone end, I describe how my identity has no shape, no limitation and no end, resulting in me being nothing. But at the same time I have a body, and my unshaped identity has to fit in something that is shaped and that has limits, so that I get drugged down by the awareness of being something material, losing myself while trying to find me. At the end what is left to do is to find myself again through the eyes of the others, collecting the ideas they have of me.

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Voll die schönen Illus! Gefällt mir sehr gut 🙂

love it!

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