To the times I felt alive


"To the times I felt alive" is a consequence of one thought about the concept of identity I have been rumbling about for a couple of years now. To make it short, at a certain point in my life a found out I was not, that I have never been since then and that from that moment on it was my choice to be. So, this project is a series of posters of different sizes in which I represent myself in the nature I am surrounded by in those moments I feel alive, from when I discovered I never truly lived. The sizes of the posters change in relation to the environment I am in, while my own size and shape change in relation to the feeling of that moment I was experiencing, from big and rarefied to small and overwhelmed. Some texts I wrote, that are supposed to be on the back of the posters, guide the viewer to the understanding of the feeling I am picturing, good or bad it is, but still leading me to feel alive.

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