Your Equal


The fight for equality and equal opportunity isn’t a new one, even if more recent movements like BLM are currently gaining new attention, momentum and support. The struggle for the basic human desire and necessity to be seen as equal, as a fellow human and to see your opposite as equal, as human has many facets.
I AM YOUR EQUAL is an artistic interpretation and one of many facets of a multitude of movements. It captures the strength and grace of Ieshia Evans, the resilience of a non-violent cause. It mimics and mocks the display of power through armor, riot gear and military tactics that is shown by law enforcement around the globe. I AM YOUR EQUAL expressively states the desire to be seen as a human, as equal but also the strength to see others that way, no matter their actions, beliefs, successes and mistakes. I AM YOUR EQUAL believes in the truths routed in the human rights declaration and stands for applications of these rights to everyone without exception.

Your Equal Standing

Your Equal Face

Your Equal Back

Your Equal Hand

Your Equal Sitting

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